Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dangerous liaisons now threaten Israel

BENJAMIN NETANYYAHU is a realist. The former Israeli prime minister is also confrontational in his statements and considers Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a serious threat to the world's existence.
He also believes Ahmadinejad has his evil eye centered on "wiping Israel off the map" and after annihilating the Little Satan (Israel), the next target would be the Big Satan (the U.S.) and, with nuclear capabilities in the next few years, this may not be just the hallucinations of the former mayor of Tehran, but could become a reality.
On June 17 in Yediot, Netanyahu wrote: "We live in the world of radical Islam and of missiles. This is the gist of the gathering storm around us. Every piece of territory that we unilaterally evacuate is being taken over by radical Muslim forces, who then direct their missiles at us under the guidance of Iran."
Bibi followed this up with appearances on American TV in which he reiterated that Iran and its "apocalyptic" madman was directing the steps of Hamas (meaning "zeal" in Arabic), which as David Dolan described in his informative book, Israel at the Crossroads, was a militant offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood movement called the Islamic Resistance movement.
At the time of this writing, an overwhelming fear has spread across the Middle East for these vile thugs have overwhelmed Gaza (now known as Hamastan) and could soon gather the West Bank in its clutches..
That fear has caused Egypt's Hosni Mubarak to call an urgent summit with invitations sent out to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, now camped in the West Bank after being kicked out of Gaza, the present Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, and Jordan's King Abdullah.
In recent days, Olmert met with U.S. President Bush and, in turn, raked up as much as $86 million in weaponry for Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, who had in the past, been scorned as a weak controller of a corrupt regime. He's also one who funded a terror group, al- Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, which teamed up with Islamic Jihad, in committing suicide bombings in Israel.
Now, Abbas is the "pet" of, at least Bush, when to most he's been called "Arafat in a $1,000 suit."
While Bush has called Abbas "the presidents of all the Palestinians" and "a reasonable voice amongst the extremists," it appears the U.S. president is not setting his standards very high.
On the other side, in the Hamas' camp, they seized millions of dollars in U.S. weaponry and equipment when the Fatah and Abbas scurried off to the West Bank.
According to Aaron Klein of World Net Daily, the stockpile left behind included "dozens" of mounted machine guns; approximately 7,400 American M-16 assault rifles; about 800,000 rounds of bullets; 18 armoured personnel carriers; seven armoured military jeeps; "tens" of armoured civilian cars, including pickup trucks and magnums; eight massive trucks equipped with water cannons for dispersing protests; and 14 military-sized bulldozers.
Fatah strongman Mahmoud Dahlan told Reuters that Hamas may overrun the West Bank as well and seize even more American weaponry being promised in Washington.
"If serious reforms are not undertaken in the security forces it would be easy for Hamas to take over the West bank," Dahlan said.
With such groups as Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda along with such states as Saudi Arabia, Syria and, of course, Iran, leading the "hate Israel," parade, the possibility of these extremists going on a murderous Middle East rampage appears to becoming a reality -- and soon.
An.interesting note, Israel is also concerned with the news that Russia, yes Russia, has, or is about to deliver, advanced MiG-31 fighter planes to Syria, which will carry guided missiles.
As Dolan also wrote in recent days, if "Western indifference" continues to hold sway, the collapse of the pro-Western Hashemite monarchy in Jordan is a possibility as well as Mubarak's rule over Egypt.
While the world watches with bated breath, the manoeuvrings of not only Bush, Olmert and Abbas will be analyzed, but equally scrutinized will be those from the dark side from Ahmadinejad to Bashar Assad of Syria and those controlling Hamas such as Ismael Haniyeh.
The looming question has to be: How long will the U.S. and Israel fund Abbas' Fatah organization? And, secondly, will Bush and the Americans go to "war" against the militant Islamic hordes now surrounding Israel?
Only time will tell.

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